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企业新闻 | 2021-06-25
本文摘要:Vegetarian steaks and chicken produced by a 三维 printer are on the menu in Barcelona thanks to the efforts of an Italian scientist - but he admits more work is needed to make them look tasty on the plate.在一名西班牙生物学家的期待下,用三维打印机专利申请的素餐牛排和鸡肉再一上了巴萨罗那的饭店莱单——但是这名生物学家否定,现阶段这类食品类的色香味俱全佳,还需要以后期待。

Vegetarian steaks and chicken produced by a 三维 printer are on the menu in Barcelona thanks to the efforts of an Italian scientist - but he admits more work is needed to make them look tasty on the plate.在一名西班牙生物学家的期待下,用三维打印机专利申请的素餐牛排和鸡肉再一上了巴萨罗那的饭店莱单——但是这名生物学家否定,现阶段这类食品类的色香味俱全佳,还需要以后期待。Giuseppe Scionti, a researcher from Milan, has developed the meat-free food using protein powder from rice or peas and components of seaweed.来源于马德里的科学研究工作人员朱塞佩·西昂提用稻米、扁豆中提纯的蛋白质粉和藻类成份为原材料产品研发出拥有这类也不含肉的食品类。

Using CAD software Mr Scionti designed a program to turn the food products, which are inserted into a machine using a syringe, into a long micro-filament which is then shaped into a steak.西昂提用辅助设计设计方案软件开发出有制做食品类的程序流程,随后用注射针将原材料流过三维打印机,将其罗拉细细长长微丝随后抑制成牛排的样子。The product, which begins life as a straw-colored paste, is said to have a similar texture to genuine steaks and is designed to combat the environmental effect of meat production.这类商品的最开始形状是“草莓色的面糊”,相传和真为牛排的材质类似,设计方案念头是为了更好地杯葛肉类食品生产制造对自然环境的伤害。The machine can produce almost a quarter of a pound of raw vegetarian steak in 30 to 50 minutes.这类设备能够在30到50分鐘内生产制造出带0.25磅素餐生牛排。



Mr Scionti has also developed a chicken substitute, using the 三维 printer to create what he calls a fibrous plant-based chicken.西昂提还产品研发出拥有鸡肉代替品,用三维打印机生产制造出拥有说白了的“根据纤维植物的鸡肉”。The Italian researcher developed his 三维 printing machine at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.这名西班牙科学研究工作人员在意大利巴萨罗那的加泰罗尼亚理工学院产品研发出拥有自身的三维打印机。

Mr Scionti said he had already approached restaurant owners about selling his vegetarian food to customers.他说道,他早就刚开始和一些店老板洽谈,让餐饮店向消费者们出售的素餐食品类。He said chefs were interested in something that looks like a steak but tastes like a mushroom.他说道,主厨们“对这类看起来像牛排但不吃一起像菌类的物品特别喜爱”。

The scientist told MailOnline: We ate them with multiple journalists, and they thought that the plant-based prototypes possessed a animal meat-like texture.这名生物学家对他说每日电讯报网址说道:“大家和多名新闻记者一起不吃过这类牛排,新闻记者们强调这类根据绿色植物的食品类具有动物肉一般的层次感。”The taste of the first prototypes is good, but it doest mimic the taste of animal meat, yet.“第一个原形的味儿还好,但还不象动物肉。


”However, that does not worry me, because the technologies to imitate the taste of animal meat have already been developed in the last years, while the main challenge for me was to obtain the animal meat-like consistency and texture, which was not invented yet.“但是,我并没因而烦恼,由于效仿动物肉味儿的素餐技术性过去两年早就被科学研究出来,而对我来说,关键挑戰取决于保持动物肉一样的砂浆稠度和层次感,而那样的技术性仍未问世。”There is a great demand for hamburgers in the US, but in the Mediterranean area we usually prefer to eat a piece of actual fibrous meat, and not just products derived from minced meat.“在国外,大家对汉堡包的需要量非常大,但在地中海地区,大家一般更为喜欢有化学纤维感的肉,而不是用搅碎的肉做出的商品。”The ingredients were all natural, plant-based, non-GMO, and approved for food use anywhere in the world, he said.他说道,该商品的成份是“天然的、根据非转基因植物并被审批作为世界各国的食品类中”。He said he was aiming to reach the point where he could produce almost a quarter of a pound of plant-based meat in five to 10 minutes at a cost of less than 50 cents.他答复,他的总体目标是在5到十分钟内、用接近50美分的成本费生产制造出带0.25磅“素肉食”。


Mr Scionti said: We are getting closer to reaching Churchills prediction in 1931, who said that we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.西昂提说,大家如今离丘吉尔1931年的灵验愈来愈近,丘吉尔曾说道过:“大家将依然为了更好地不吃鸡脯肉或鸡腿而荒诞地饲养一整只鸡,只是将在合适的物质中各自饲养这种位置。”The objective was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, which represent 14.5 percent of the total greenhouse emissions caused by man, he said.西昂提说,终极目标是降低牲畜造成的空气污染物,这些空气污染物占据了人们导致的空气污染物总消耗量的14.5%。

He said the steak needed more work to look like a regular item on a restaurant menu.他还说道,素餐牛排还需要更进一步改进,才可以看起来像饭店莱单上的怪异菜肴。Its appearance can be improved with an investment of time and new prototypes, since this aspect is very important from the consumers point of view, he told Spanish newspaper El Pais.西昂托对他说意大利《国家报》说道:“牛排的外型能够根据推广時间、产品研发新产品来改进,由于食品类的买较为顾客而言十分最重要。

”He said the cost and time it currently takes to produce the steaks would fall when he started making them on a larger scale.他说道,等他刚开始大规模生产后,现阶段制做牛排需要的成本费和時间都是会升高。A cook at the university said: They cook really well. They dont burn or stick to the pan.该高校的一名主厨说道:“这类假牛排非常好煮。